About the PET BAND

Pets are so special, and pet people seem somehow different. The love that pets radiate seems to spread and touch everyone they meet. All we set out to do was find a way to give some of that love back, to make pets lives a little easier, a little more fun, and a little healthier. And what we began to understand was something magical.

It felt like we’d joined a travelling band, a Pet Band. Pets, pet parents, wonderful dog groomers, carers, veterinarians, pet professionals, children, families and singles all coming together to help each other at different times - and pets bring other pets together too - even if they have a little tiff occasionally! 

So we set out to join the band in the way we knew best. 

We believe that every dog should feel happy in their skin, and that means creating products with the same love, respect and integrity that is given to ‘human’ products. At the very least haircare and skincare for dogs must respect that their pH-level is different to humans, because simply using human product formulations can cause skin irritation, health issues and distress.

We will continue to search for natural solutions, - like probiotics and prebiotics - that work in harmony with the special physiology of dogs, for healthier, happier four-legged friends and for the Pet Band they inspire.

The full range of Pet band products are available exclusively from professional groomers.